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Metal Prints

Over the last year, I’ve been looking for new ways of printing my photography and while looking at vendors’ products I noticed a few photographers were offering Metal Prints. A few labs do Metal Prints and I was very happy to see that the lab that I have been using since 2006, West Coast Imaging, started offering these products. I ordered two prints to see the quality and to get an idea of what I would be selling to my clients.

Not long after, the prints arrived at my doorstep and I unwrapped the box with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning (that is true for all the print that I get though!). The first things that I noticed was how glossy the photos looked and how lightweight the aluminum was. I was sold! A ready to hang product that is lightweight, has a glossy finish, and looked spectacular. I’ll take that any day of the week!

Since then, I have been recommending these prints to everyone who inquires about buying my photography and I’m blessed to say that I’ve sold a few of them. I asked the clients what they thought of their photos and their response was the same, “wow! it looks three dimensional!”. That is what I’m going for with my photography, when you hang it up on your wall and say “wow!”. As a photographer, that is a great feeling!

Here’s a little more information about the product; the ink is sublimated into the aluminum and that is what gives it its glossy finish and this also protects the image from scratches as well as UV rays. The finished product comes with a “floater” on the back, allowing the photo to appear to float off the wall. The floater has a built in sawtooth hanger but can be easily swapped out if a wire hanger is more desirable. Finally, these prints can be made all the way up to 40×60″.

I’ve put together a group of photos that look phenomenal printed on metal, so if you’d like to make one yours please click on the photos or the link below!